In the vicinity

The region “Entre Sambre & Meuse” is a wonderful area offering our guests an overwhelming choice of activities in nature, culture, sport and culinary pleasures.

Beautiful nature

L’Eau d’Heure: biggest reservoir, equipped for watersports; The valley of the Viroin with its’ stunning landscapes and unique sites such as Fond’ry des Chiens; The valley of the Molignée; The spectacular views over the river Meuse at the Freyr castle and gardens; The water gardens of Annevoie; The caves of Han.

Weekly markets

Thursday: Florennes Saturday: Philippeville Sunday: Mariëmbourg

Cultural heritage

Namur and Dinant: visit the citadel and make a minicruise on the river Meuse; in Namur make sure to go to the Quartier Latin for boutique shopping and the Museum of Felicien Rops Charleroi: the Photography museum is on international level but surely the coal mining site of “Bois du Cazier” has been awarded UNESCO world heritage status Mons: “le Grand Hornu” is a beautifully restored mining site housing today an excelling design museum Walcourt: medieval market town, ramparts, beautiful basilica with onion shaped tower The Abbeys of Maredsous, Floreffe and Chimay where you can taste excellent cheeses and beers The most beautiful villages of Wallonia are within your reach: Celles (22 miles), Crupet (25 miles), Fagnolles (12 miles), Falaën (20 miles), Lompret (20 miles), Sosye (16 miles), Soulne (16 miles), Vierves-sur-Viroin (20 miles) and one more: Dourbes (16 miles) Train museum and steam train of “the 3 valleys” brings you from Mariembourg to Treignes, you can see and experience old trains, take your bike with you on the train, get off-on at a number of picturesque stations.

For food lovers


The best one is Brasserie du Bocq in the village Purnode with very good tour of the brewery, own café and sunny terraces. Brasserie des Fagnes in Mariembourg, Maredsous and Chimay (one of the 7 Trappist beers in the world) must be on your tasting list as well (try for sure the “Chimay 500” or the draft Chimay that you won’t find elsewhere).

Farm products and regional specialities

The “Crevecoeur” farm at just half a mile from your place offers home grown meat, dairy products and a genuine ice cream in a dozen of flavours. The snail farm in Warnant offers you the famous “Petit Gris” that are served in Michelin star restaurants. La Ferme de la Sauvenière is a top notch address for gourmands that love confit de canard and foie gras.


L’eau Blanche – Bistro -33km Rue Gustave Joaris, 27 6563 Lompret 060/21.18.64 Closed: Thursday La Broche – restaurant – 34km Rue Grande, 22 5500 Dinant 082/22.82.81 Closed : Tuesday-Wednesday. Matthias and Sea – restaurant – 12,5km Route de Philippeville, 34 5651 Tarcienne 071/21.86.24 Les Armes – Bistro – 6 km Place d’Armes, 3 5600 Philippeville 071/66.62.41 Closed : Tuesday evening-Wednesday La Table d’Anas – Bistro – 6km Rue de France, 3 5600 Philippeville 071/66.66.19 Closed :Monday Also caterering service La vache rouge – Bistro – 2km Rue de Charleroi, 3 5650 Yves-Gomezée 0485/20.02.39 Open : 7/7 – 18.00-22.00 – Sunday : 12.00-15.00/18.00-22.00

Imperial Wok – restaurant Rue des Ecoles, 2a 5620 Florennes 071/66.63.88 Closed : Monday – exc. Bank Holiday Auberge les 4 bras – bistro – 6km Rue de France, 49 5600 Philippeville 071/66.72.38 Closed : Monday Le phénicien – restaurant – 6 km Route de France, 33 5650 Philippeville 071/66.81.33 Closed :Tuesday Il Gusto Giusto - restaurant – 6 km Rue de Namur, 35 5600 Philippeville 071/12.07.09 Closed: Wednesday

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